The High School Technology Department offers a wide range of courses focused on meeting various student interests. It is suggested that students consider taking the basic technology courses in preparation for college, advancement to career and technology programs or entrance to the work force. More advanced courses are available for students who like to pursue a technical field or who would like to further their knowledge in areas of individual interest. Courses are designed to challenge students and provide opportunities for students to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, to act respectfully and to reach their fullest potential. The Department‘s goal is to align student achievements with the GWRSD Vision, KRHS Mission Statement, the NH Framework and the International Technology Educators Association National Standards. In keeping with the Mission Statement, the Technology Education Department is committed to providing an equitable and flexible environment for all members of our learning community. The Department has been recognized as a leader in the State of NH and has received several state and national awards.
Mary Ellen Bridges